A Simple Plan for More Freedom & Fun

The Simplify Rewards Plan was developed over 20 years by combining the most lucrative and dynamic elements of the best compensation plans that have paid out billions of dollars in earnings.

Since 2016 this plan has laid the foundation for our 12 streams of simplified income, outlined below:


12 Streams
of Simplified Income

VIDAFY was founded on the notion that we’ve all been born with the potential to lead the life we’ve always wanted — for ourselves, for our families, for our communities. Some businesses require a huge up-front investment; others can take years to show a noteworthy return.

We’ve simplified the whole process into a few steps that are simple — and simple to duplicate. When you look into the VIDAFY compensation plan, you’ll find you can be rewarded with commissions, rank-advancement bonuses, incentive trips, leadership pools, lifestyle bonuses, and more.

Customer Earnings

Earn up to 50% from retail, WellnesShip, and Customer Savings Pack orders

“VIDAFree” Retail Rewards

Receive a free bottle of Nanofy each month in which you achieve at least 3 new retail customers

Startup Bonus

Earn up to USD $250 for every Entrepreneur you personally enroll on a Startup Kit

Startup Triple Bonus

Earn a USD $120 bonus for every 3 Startup Kits you personally activate

Rapid PRO Bonus

Earn an exclusive USD $300 bonus by qualifying as a PRO Entrepreneur within your first 30 days

Rank Advancement Bonus

Earn one-time bonuses of up to USD $200–$250,000 for achieving certain milestones

Startup Global Pool

Each month you can earn shares in a pool of 10% of revenue from Startup Kits activated worldwide

Lifestyle Rank Bonus

Earn up to USD $10,000/month for repeating a level of monthly achievement

Generational Royalty Shares

Earn a royalty share paid each month on residual orders placed within your organization

Generational Leadership Bonus

Earn a bonus commission for your leadership level, paid on residual orders each month

Diamond Global Pool

A percentage of worldwide sales is allocated to a pool, to be shared among qualifying Diamond Executives

CVV — Club Vacation VIDAFY

Travel to luxury destinations around the world, simply by using and sharing VIDAFY products!

We’ve chosen the direct-to-consumer model as our method of distribution for our amazing wellness products. It’s a great way for individuals and families to share financially in the company’s success, and word of mouth is the sincerest form of marketing products or services.

Think of it this way: If a movie is bad, you’ll tell your friends not to waste their money. But if you like the movie, you’ll tell your friends they have to see it — and you’ll probably go with them! Instead of entertainment, VIDAFY  produces and distributes the very best in life-converting wellness products. And if you like the products and share them with your friends, we say “thanks” as many ways as we can.

Step 1: Choose Your Startup Kit

The first step in becoming a VIDAFY Entrepreneur is selecting which Startup Kit you’ll invest in to launch your business. The main difference between them is how much of each product you’ll receive, which could lead to more profit and faster growth of your business. 

KIT 250: For those who want a home-based business with minimal investment.

KIT 500: The most popular way to launch your VIDAFY business, which simplifies and accelarates your ability to earn initial bonuses. 

KIT 1000: Designed for the Entrepreneur who sees value in being able to get a lot of product into the marketplace quickly, which, in turn, can lead to new customers and team members. 

The KIT 1000 includes:

   Nanofy (x14)

   Curcumin Plus (x14)

   Synbiofy (x20)

The Kit 1000 also includes: 1,000 points of Qualifying Volume • Entrepreneur business-setup fee ($129 value) • Full Access to the Simplify rewards plan • Up to 50% discount on all VIDAFY products • Membership in Club Vacation VIDAFY ($50 value) • Access to the VIDAFY virtual office (VO). Total additional value: USD $279!


The KIT 500 includes:

   Nanofy (x6)

   Curcumin Plus (x6)

   Synbiofy (x9)

The Kit 500 also includes : 500 points of Qualifying Volume • Entrepreneur business-setup fee ($129 value) • Full access to the Simplify rewards plan • Up to 50% discount on all VIDAFY products • Membership in Club Vacation VIDAFY ($50 value) • Access to the VIDAFY virtual office (VO). Total additional value of USD $233!


The KIT 250 includes:

   Nanofy (x3)

   Curcumin Plus (x3)

   Synbiofy (x5)

The Kit 250 also includes: 250 points of Qualifying Volume • Entrepreneur business-setup fee ($129 value) • Full access to the Simplify Rewards Plan • Up to 50% discount on all VIDAFY products • Membership in Club Vacation VIDAFY ($50 value) • Access to the VIDAFY Virtual Office (VO) for a total additional value of USD $188!


Step 2: Share with Others

Once you’ve experienced the benefits of VIDAFY’s unique and effective wellness products, you’ll want to share them with as many people as possible with our simple system.

Here’s how you can earn USD $700 or more in your first 30 days with VIDAFY:

1. Select the KIT 500 during enrollment

2. Enroll 3 others with a KIT 500

3. Earn USD $700 or more from 3 Startup Bonus, 1 Triple Bonus, and the Rapid Pro bonuses

You don’t have to stop there—since there are 12 ways to earn at VIDAFY, the possibilities feel unlimited!

Step 3: Help others do what you did

When you help 3 Entrepreneurs complete Step 2 for themselves within your first 90 days with VIDAFY, you’ll understand the power of leverage and duplication.

You can qualify for additional earnings within the Simplify Rewards Plan, such as Pro, Rapid Senior, & Rank bonuses for an additional USD $1,250 — and there are more!

For every customer you help place an order, you can earn up to 50% of the total order. And for every third customer you enroll, you’ll receive another bonus of USD $50!

For every month your customers and Entrepreneurs place additional orders, you can qualify for royalties and global bonus pools.

A simple system to help you earn additional or full-time income from anywhere in the world

Success in any business comes down to having tools and team support in place that will help you have more time freedom — no matter your experience, influence, or size of network!

Check out the resources VIDAFY provides so Entrepreneurs can work toward their goals:

  Virtual Office (VO)

The cloud-based VIDAFY virtual office can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and it allows you to build and manage your business without any experience.

   Personalized website

Designed to inform others about VIDAFY’s wellness solutions and Entrepreneur programs, and to help them order directly from you. You don’t need to build or manage a website — we do it for you.

   Online community

Add friends to communities where they can learn more about our wellness solutions. You’ll find testimonials, education, events, and more that everyone can use to promote their business.

   Simple rewards plan

As you grow your business, you’ll be rewarded with weekly earnings, monthly bonuses, recognition, travel, and other prizes. The Simplify rewards plan is based on total volume, loyalty, & life-changing travel.

   VIDAFY gear store

Swag, marketing tools, business cards, banners, and much more to help you share VIDAFY with others. Check it all out at our online store: VIDAFYgear.com

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