Our Mission:

To help you convert your life to one of better health and wealth so you can create a legacy for your own family!

Our Founders:

Shane & Laura Brady launched Vidafy in 2016 to build a legacy company where others could accomplish the same for their families! Shane has an MBA from New York University and over 22 years as a global executive in the wellness industry. After learning the Hidden Secret of Supplements he was prompted to launch Vidafy Global and share it with the world!

Shane's search to improve  “bioavailability” — what our bodies can absorb, process and deliver — with promising natural ingredients, like curcumin led him  to a patented nanotechnology from Germany. We call the breakthrough BioMS™, which stands for biotechnology with micelle solubilization. VIDAFY products undergo clinical trials at institutions and universities around the world. Multiple international patents protect our processes and technology!

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Our Brand

The Brand of Vidafy was created by Shane & Laura Brady to stand for something greater than themselves. The company name combines: VIDA, meaning "life" and FY, meaning "to convert". This puts the mission of Vidafy out front making our focus to empower others so they can convert their lives to better health and wealth. The insignia "flower" comes from combining two main concepts:

1. The flower of life: represents the cycle of life and the connection we have to all living things.

2. The Mauri koru: represents new beginnings, harmony and peace in several cultures around the world. 

Each "Vidafy Value" petal stands for a core value which drives our company daily: Vision (future focused), Integrity (authentic & transparent), Devotion (loyalty based) , Amor (love drives our actions), Family (culture of unity) and You (everyone can win here)!

Where are We Now?

VIDAFY has been operating in Mexico since 2016 since Shane & Laura Brady had been living there for several years. The company was growing organically, gathering product testimonials and building a strong foundation of leaders until 2019/2020 when exponential growth began to happen.

In early 2021 expansion began into the USA through the Vidafy network and in the third quarter momentum began. New systems, tools, resources and leadership were developed to scale VIDAFY.

Now, we are looking for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit to help us expand globally over the next 3-5 years! You don't need experience, influence or a large network - simply the desire to convert your life into something better!

Currently our wellness solutions and entrepreneur programs are available in Mexico, USA, Dominican Republic and Columbia with many more on the way!

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